Lemoncello Design Studio is passionate about being 

involved in projects that are personal and one-of-a-kind. 

We believe that in today’s digital world making tangible connections is more important than ever - a handwritten card can be far more meaningful than a text or email and something that arrives in the mail or handed to you in a beautifully wrapped box is more exhilarating that the ping of your phone. 

 If you have a vision, we will work with you to make it come to life. From wedding suites, to personal stationery, logo design, bespoke gifts and more, our goal is to create something that truly represents you or your company. 



Meet Christina, the customization geek. 

Born and raised in Georgia, Christina’s roots have always led her back to her southern hospitality where Thank You cards are written because it’s the nice thing to do and gifts aren’t just for special occasions. Her career in design and marketing has taken her from ATL, to NYC and now the small island of BDA and those close to her would consider her borderline obsessed with customization and branding. 

Lemoncello Design Studio was created to share her passion and to make her business personal, you know, in a good way.